Friday, October 5, 2012

Life is a journey, not a destination.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson
It took nine days, but Aesadonna has hit level cap. Although I am behind my fellow raiding peers in reputation and gearing progress, I do not regret my decision to take the "scenic route"; Pandaria is filled with beauty that deserved to be greedily drunken in.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Saviour of Azeroth.

Undying Resolution has finished up T13 as the number one 25 man guild on Elune. That's... phenomenal. The feeling is far beyond my depth of expression; awestruck is probably the best adjective to label it. When Deathwing fell and the achievement spam blew up guild chat, I turned to Beef and whispered, "This is by far the most amazing thing I've experienced in WoW."

(No offense, Shadowmourne, you're still a wonderful milestone!)

As someone who raided sporadically and was more enraptured by lore prior to joining UR, I'm still pinching myself in disbelief. We did it! We worked cohesively to beat the hardest content that Blizzard has published to date, while the other raiding guilds on our server splintered off into running Heroic DS in 10m because it's easier.* This accomplishment is exceptionally kick-butt because a good chunk of my guildmates, too, have never experienced the feeling of being a raider in a top guild. So there was a general sense of wonder in the air rather than jaded boredom. I hope we keep that same sense of wonder, and our drive to accomplish bigger and better things, as we progress in the next tier of raiding.

Bring it on, Pandaville - we're Saviours of Azeroth!

* "Easy" is subjective; I don't look down on people who choose to raid in a strict 10 environment, nor do I personally think that 10m equals automatic easy mode because personal accountability is key. But your mileage may vary.

I was also a very lucky Death Knight who won one of the two Life-Binder's Handmaidens that dropped that fateful night.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Enthusiastic Aesadonna is enthusiastic!

Things have been busy for Team UR; we killed Heroic Zon'ozz on 7/25, which was the final boss barring us from working on Heroic Spine! In atypical UR fashion, the kill was quite memorable!

Dargons everywhere! And Thiala (and Gizzy's!) butt. XD

You see these dragons fighting? It was the weirdest glitch I've ever experienced in a raid! It all started with one Force of Destruction (from the Hour of Twilight instance) spawning in the room with Zon'ozz. He flew around erratically as we cleared trash, much to the amusement of myself and the annoyance of others. I even jokingly called him "our good luck charm" on Real ID.

And then, another spawned! After that, a  Dream Warden appeared and engaged in epic battle with the two Black dragons. Unfortunately, two-on-one wasn't a fair fight and our green friend died quickly. The two remained dragons remained until our first wipe, when they despawned.

6/8, holla!

This was our lovely kill. I mentioned "UR fashion", which translates "half the raid is down and our DoTs are why the boss is dead." As you can see, I'm one dead Derp Kn00b. (Dying with a boss who has less than 5% is my thing, I guess, haha)

We've been working on Heroic Spine for the past two weeks, which is HARD. The first week, I remained a Frost DK and helped our Blood DK on AoEing the massive amount of Corrupted Blood that exists after stripping the second Plate.

The second week, I was asked by our GM to swap to Unholy for the valuable raid cooldown Anti-Magic Zone. I haven't had an Unholy spec since Tier 11, so I felt clunky and lost for a good portion of the night. I even did the worst thing ever and accidentally replaced the button I had for AMZ with Summon Gargoyle. Having to sheepishly explain my mistake and apologize was pretty embarrassing, but I guarantee it's something I'll never do again!

We're getting to about 25%, which is pretty decent. Hopefully we'll have a kill soon and we'll be that much closer to becoming Saviours of Azeroth before Pandaville is upon us!

My little lolcat

On another tangent, this pretty little Worgen is my future Herald of the Titans toon! One of my new guildmates, Hestiah, threw out the idea of putting together an Alliance-side run and I immediately pestered Beefbus for us to get in on it!

Beef, Amowrath, and I have been running Wrath dungeons like crazy to get gear. Setsunai is a Feral Druid, which feels similar and different all at the same time! I look forward to see what goes down later this month and you bet I'll be updating about the trials and tribulations that I didn't experience while it was "current."

Speaking of Hestiah, look at what she sent me! (Illidan is missing; he's on my computer desk. :-D)

After raid, I ran a dungeon with Ponerya, Beef, Hestiah, and Amo. Pon mention refilling her Lich King cup while we took a small break and I lamented the fact that my home state lacked the gas station that stocked the WoW cups. She said that her state too lacked the gas station and that a Twitter friend set her a set of the cups, which I thought was the coolest thing.

Hestiah then mentioned that she had a couple extra sets and she'd send me one. I freaked! When I asked her how much I owed her and she told me nothing! That... blew my mind. Here's a new guildie, someone that I hardly knew, and she was kind enough to send me a set of cups for free, just because I wanted them! BRB, CRYING FOREVER. Silliness aside, I'm still really touched.

I was a little starstuck to meet an awesome blogger!

Last night, Beef and I met Navimie of The Daily Frostwolf! She's on a mission to meet people from the WoW Blogosphere and get a screen shot with them. It was kind of a crazy happenstance that we met at all, but it was a really nice experience! :-) Sorry for my emoticon spam; I'm kind of um, famous in the guild for constantly making faces. XD; 

You can read her entry on meeting me and Beef here, which I thought was cute. Look out Liss, Pon, and Juv - she'll be coming for you!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Transmog: Personal Sets #3.

Shoulders: Brackenshell Shoulderplates 
(Heroic Dragon Soul - Morchok)

Chest: Hydralick Armor
(World Drop)

Gloves: Jouster's Gauntlets
(World Drop)

Belt: Replica Soulforge Belt
(Darkmoon Island - 55 Prize Tickets)

Legs: Jouster's Legplates
(World Drop)

Boots: Boots of the Underdweller
(Ulduar 25 - General Vezax)

Axe: Gloom Reaper
(World Drop)

Shoulders: Stormforged Shoulders
(Blacksmithing - 480)

Chest: Overlord's Chestplate
(World Drop)

Shirt: Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing 
(Dalaran - Angelique Butler 25g)

Gloves: Overlord's Gauntlets
(World Drop)

Belt: Replica Lightforge Belt
(Darkmoon Island - 55 Prize Tickets)

Legs: Cloudkeeper Legplates
(World Drop)

Boots: Overlord's Greaves
(World Drop)

Sword: Malice
(Ulduar 25 - Cache of Living Stone)